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Richard Sachs (born February 14, 1953) is an American bicycle framebuilder based in Chester, Connecticut since 1975.[1] He builds road racing and cyclo-cross bicycles. His lug and fitting designs are employed by many other framebuilders. Richard Sachs designs and distributes racing cycle attire, accessories and accoutrements.

Sachs has been sponsor of a New England-based cyclocross team for more than decade. It has produced nine national champions, notably Jonathan Page, a professional cyclocross racer in Belgium.[2]

Richard Sachs Cycles[edit]

On graduating from high school, Sachs spent close to a year in England as an apprentice with Witcomb Cycles.[3] He returned to the United States and in 1975 began building frames under his own name.[1] He spent over 30 years building lugged steel bicycle frames and forks in Chester, Connecticut. He builds 80-90 a year.[4]

He has since moved to Warwick, Massachusetts to continue his craft.[5]

The Origin of ATMO[edit]

Acronym for "according to my opinion." Originally an inside joke between Richard and his close friends, it quickly became Sachs's signature closing. An easy way to poke fun at people's opinions or his own in online conversation.[6]


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