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Not to be confused with Richard M. Stallman.

Richard M. Salsman (/ˈsɑːlzmən/; born c. 1959) is an American economist, investment strategist, and professor of political economy. His early career was on Wall Street in corporate banking. Since the early 1990s he has been a professional investment forecaster, advising institutional investors. In his academic career, which he began in 2010, has focused on money and banking, public finance and political economy. He is currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Duke University in the program on Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE).

A classical liberal and scholar of capitalism, Salsman's professional works have been most influenced by the ideas of Alexander Hamilton, Jean-Baptiste Say, Carl Menger and the Austrian school economists, Robert Mundell and supply-side economics, James Buchanan and the Public Choice school, and philosopher-novelist Ayn Rand.





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