Richard Samworth

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Richard John Samworth
Richard Samworth.jpg
Born May 1978 (age 40)
Residence Cambridge, United Kingdom
Alma mater St John's College, Cambridge
Scientific career
Fields Statistics
Institutions University of Cambridge
Thesis Some mathematical and theoretical aspects of the bootstrap (2004)
Doctoral advisor Alastair Young

Richard John Samworth (born May 1978) is the Professor of Statistical Science and the Director of the Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge,[1] and a Teaching Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. He was educated at St John's College, Cambridge. Currently, his main research interests are in nonparametric and high-dimensional statistics. Particular topics include shape-constrained density and other nonparametric function estimation problems, nonparametric classification, clustering and regression, the bootstrap and high-dimensional variable selection problems.

Honours and awards[edit]

Selected works[edit]

  • Cule, M. L., Samworth, R. J. and Stewart, M. I. (2010), Maximum likelihood estimation of a multidimensional log-concave density, J. Roy. Statist. Soc., Ser. B. (with discussion), to appear.
  • Fan, J., Samworth, R. and Wu, Y. (2009), Ultrahigh dimensional feature selection: beyond the linear model, J. Machine Learning Research, 10, 2013–2038.
  • Hall, P., Park, B. U. and Samworth, R. J. (2008), Choice of neighbour order in nearest-neighbour classification, Ann. Stat., 36, 2135–2152


External links[edit]

  • Richard Samworth's home page at the University of Cambridge.