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Richard Vaughan

Richard Vaughan (born November 9, 1951 in Houston, Texas) is an English teacher who has created radio[1] and TV shows[2] that serve as learning platforms with over 2.5 million viewers or listeners. He is also the chairman and CEO of Vaughan Systems,[3] a language-training company that runs language learning programs in Spain.

After growing up in Houston, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Vaughan graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in Spanish Language and Literature and Philosophy. He spent his third year of higher education in Madrid, Spain, returning there after graduation in 1974, where he began his career in English teaching. In early 1975, after a four-month experience with the Berlitz School of Languages, he began to free-lance in the teaching trade, which led to the creation of his own company, Vaughan Systems, in 1977. In 1986, he obtained an MBA from the Spanish institution IESE.

Over the first 25 years, his company focused on the corporate training segment, providing in-class group and private language training in addition to residential courses, in Spain.

Richard Vaughan continues to manage Vaughan Systems, the company he founded in 1977.


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