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Richard Whitley
  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Lyricist
  • Actor
Years active1978–2012
Notable work
Rock 'n' Roll High School

Richard Whitley (born 1948) is an American screenwriter, producer, lyricist, and actor best known for his work on Rock 'n' Roll High School.[1][2]


Richard Whitley was born in 1948, in Elmhurst, Illinois, to Marian and Edward F. Whitley.[3][4] He had a younger half-brother, John Hill, who was a game designer.[5] Whitley began his career by writing the script for Roger Corman's Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979).[6] His work on Rock 'n' Roll High School led to writing for several TV shows, including Homefront, Space: Above and Beyond, Roseanne, Millennium, Recess, Roswell, The Others, Lloyd in Space, Canterbury's Law, and Pound Puppies.[7]



Year Title Credited as Notes
Writer Producer Actor
1978 Deathsport No No Yes Role: Mutant[8]
1979 Rock 'n' Roll High School Yes No No [8][9]
1982 Pandemonium Yes Associate Yes Role: Man #3 in Restaurant[7]
1991 Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever Yes No No Based on characters created by[7]
2006 America: Freedom to Fascism[7] No Yes No [10]


Year Title Credited as Notes
Writer Lyricist
1979 Delta House Yes No Episode: "The Guns of October"[7]
1992–1993 Homefront Yes Yes Episodes: "The Lemo Tomato Juice Hour", "Signed, Crazy in Love", "On the Rebound"[7][11]
1994 TV Nation Yes No Also producer[7]
1996 Space: Above and Beyond Yes No Episodes: "Dear Earth", "Pearly"[7]
1997 Roseanne Yes No Episodes: "Lanford's Elite", "Roseanne-Feld"[7][12]
1998 Millennium Yes No Episode: "Goodbye Charlie"[7][13][14]
1999 Recess Yes No Episodes: "The First Picture Show", "Gus' Fortune", "The Dude"[7]
2000 Roswell Yes No Episode: "Tess, Lies and Videotape"[7]
The Others Yes No Episode: "$4.95 a Minute"[7][15]
2001–2002 Lloyd in Space Yes No Episodes: "Lloyd Changes His Mind", "Francine's Power Trip", "Lloyd's Lost Weekend", "Neither Boy Nor Girl"[7]
2008 Canterbury's Law Yes No Episode: "Sick as Your Secrets"[7]
2012 Pound Puppies Yes Yes Episode: "No Dogs Allowed"[7]


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