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The Richard Wilbur Award is named in honor of the American poet Richard Wilbur and was established at the University of Evansville under the direction of William Baer. The competition welcomes submissions of unpublished, original poetry collections, and public domain or permission-secured translations may comprise up to one-third of the manuscript. This biennial competition (awarded in even-numbered years) is open to all American poets, and the winning manuscript is published by the University of Evansville Press.[1]

The entry fee is $25 per manuscript, and the award is $1000 as well as publication in the University of Evansville Press.[2]

Year Winner Collection/Work
2017 Adam Tavel Catafalque
2016 Catherine Chandler The Frangible Hour
2015 Midge Goldberg Snowman's Code
2014 Maryann Corbett Mid Evil
2013 Paul Lake The Republic of Virtue
2012 William Bell The Picnic in the Rain
2011 Robert W. Crawford The Empty Chair
2010 Marion Shore Sand Castle
2009 Susan McLean The Best Disguise
2008 Deborah Warren Dream with Flowers and Bowl of Fruit
2007 David Stephenson Rhythm and Blues
2006 Richard Wakefield East of Early Winters
2005 Chelsea Rathburn The Shifting Line
2004 Alfred Nicol Winter Light
2003 Thomas Carper Distant Blue
2002 A. M. Juster The Secret Language of Women
2001 Rhina Espaillat Rehearsing Absence
2000 Len Krisak Even As We Speak
1999 A. E. Stallings Archaic Smile
1998 Robert Daseler Levering Avenue