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Richard William Hunt (11 April 1908-13 November 1979),[1] was a scholar, grammarian, palaeographer, editor, and author of a number of books about medieval history and the Keeper of Western Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, from 1945 to 1975. He was a lecturer in palaeography in Liverpool, and worked at Bush House during World War II. In 1945 he obtained the position of Keeper of the Western Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library, and he relocated to Oxford.

In 1939 he married Edith Irene Joyce Twamley at Spondon. She died 7 December 1940. On 14 February 1940 Hunt remarried to Katharine (Kit) Eva Rowland (b. 1913/14), daughter of timber merchant Harry Rowland of Parkgate, Cheshire. Three sons were born to them, including Tim Hunt.[2]

On Hunt's retirement from the Bodleian in 1975, he was honoured with an Oxford exhibition,The Survival of Ancient Literature,[3] as well as a collection of essays Medieval learning and literature: Essays presented to Richard William Hunt (ISBN 0198224028).[4] His death in 1980 was marked by a second major exhibition, Manuscripts at Oxford.[3]


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