Richard Winer

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Richard Winer
Born May 14, 1925
Died October 11, 2016
Nationality American
Occupation Author
Known for Bermuda Triangle

Richard Winer was an American author of books dealing mainly with the supernatural or the paranormal. He is best known for his work on the Bermuda Triangle: The Devil's Triangle (1974, Bantam Books), The Devil's Triangle 2 (Bantam Books 1975), and From The Devil's Triangle to The Devil's Jaw (Bantam Books 1977). He also completed a TV film documentary on the Devil's Triangle.[1]

Winer was also a neighbor of the famous House on Ridge Avenue, a house known for alleged paranormal activity[citation needed].


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Richard also wrote Haunted Houses 1979, Mores Haunted Houses 1981 and Houses of Horror 1983.