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Richard Leo Woldendorp (born 1 January 1927) is a Dutch-born Australian photographer known for his aerial photography of Australian geography.


Born in Utrecht, Netherlands, he migrated to Australia in 1950. He began photographing in 1956, initially on various projects in Indonesia.[1] By 1961 Woldendorp had his first commission for Walkabout and had won two prizes in the Craven-A national photography competition.


Woldendorp is known especially for his aerial photography[2] which is collected in art and photography galleries around Australia and overseas. He was made a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography in 1991, and an Honorary Life Member in 1997. He has provided photographs for and produced over 15 books. Some of his books have had significant West Australian authors provide introductions and text - such as Tom Hungerford, and Tim Winton who wrote an accompanying essay for Down to Earth. His work was celebrated by the Western Australian Art gallery in 2009[3] His extensive awards are listed at the Fremantle Press website[4]


Achievements and honours include:

  • Australia's Professional Photographer of the Year for 1982[5]
  • Western Australia's Professional Photographer of the Year for 1988[6]
  • Listed as one of Scoop magazine's Inspirational West Australians for 2005;


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