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Richard Wolstencroft
Richard David Wolstencroft

(1969-04-23) 23 April 1969 (age 49)
EducationLa Trobe University[citation needed]
Notable work
Pearls Before Swine

Richard Wolstencroft (born 23 April 1969, also known as Richard Masters) is an Australian filmmaker and film festival director, writer, Political Philosopher, podcaster and video caster on The New Right. He is the founder of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) with Rebecca Sutherland.


Wolstencroft worked at Beat magazine around 1991, and ran Melbourne kink nightclub The Hellfire Club until 2002.

He founded the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) in 2000. And has run it for close to 20 years.

MUFF and Wolstencroft has gained attention for the Independent Film event by various controversial events, discussions, debates, screenings and public controversies, designed to raise awareness of complex issues of Free Speech and provoke public discussion and reaction.

The main agenda of the Festival is to provide a screening platform for emerging Australian Cinema talent since 2000 and MUFF has discovered (been the first festival to play), the work of the following Australian Filmmakers - many of whom had their global film festival debut at MUFF: James Wan, Patrick Hughes, Greg McLean, The Spierig Brothers, Scott Ryan, Leigh Whannel, Kristen Condon, Zak Hilditch, Abe Forsythe, Mike Retter, Ebony Atlanta Butler, Mark Bakaitis, Nic Barker, Stuart Simpson, Addison Heath, Travis Bain, Anna Brownfield, Ursula Dabrowsky, Daniel Armstrong, Stefan Popescu, Dean Francis, Andrew O’Keefe, Tim Burns, Timothy Spanos, Mathew Victor Pastor, Jason Turley, Donna McRae, James DiMartino, Julian Edwards, Chris Mitchell, Nathan Hill and Gregory Pakis

In August 2010, Wolstencroft organized a "free speech" screening of a film banned in Australia called L.A. Zombie by Bruce LaBruce, a gay Canadian filmmaker. In November 2010, Victoria Police raided his house, looking for copies of the film, and a police spokeswoman confirmed that he would face court.[1]

He also ran the Bloodfest Fantastique film festival, a one-off event dedicated to horror and science fiction cinema. The festival opened at a venue in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia on 10 June 2011.[2]

Wolstencroft writes and podcasts for an online New Right publication called Affirmative Right.[3][4]

In November 2017, following the affirmative result in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, Wolstencroft posted remarks on social media linking homosexuality to Mainstream Bourgeois Elite Media, child abuse and a globalist conspiracy theory.[5] After complaints and an ineffectual boycott campaign, the festival tripled it's Entries in 2018, from the Australian arts community, he apologized on his Facebook page (the apology was removed Feb 2019) apropos part of his statement and to elucidate what he had tried to communicate in clearer terms, and resigned as director of MUFF.[6] He has since unresigned as MUFF Festival, announced on Mike Retter's Meat Bone Express Podcast in June 2018, and returned as Head to run a successful MUFF 19 in 2018 and to run the up coming two decade anniversary - MUFF 20: Trigger Warning - in late 2019.[7]


He is an active Independent Filmmaker - and full filmography can be found at Bill Mousoulis Innersense website Richard Wolstencroft that documents Australian Indy Filmmakers

His feature work is here:

Bloodlust (1990, 89 mins) co-writer/director w Jon Hewitt

The Intruder (1991) (uncompleted) director

Pearls Before Swine (1999, 96 mins) writer/director

The Beautiful and Damned (2008, 100 mins) writer/director

The Last Days of Joe Blow (2012, 90 mins) writer/director Out on DVD from Monster Pictures, Feb 2016.

The Second Coming Volume One (2015, 85 mins) writer/director Based on Yeats and starring Michael Tierney, Boyd Rice, Gene Gregorits, Jerome Alexandr, William Margold, Kim Fowley and Pete Doherty

The Second Coming Volume Two (2015, 80 mins) writer/director starring Jim Goad, Michael Parle, Bruce LaBruce, Terry McMahon, Mark Savage, Frank Howson, and Kristen Condon

The Debt Collector (2018, currently in post-production) with John Brumpton, Roger Ward, Jack Ellis, Kristen Condon, Mal Kennard and Andy McPhee

Wolstencroft co-directed his first feature Bloodlust with collaborator Jon Hewitt in 1990.

In 1996 he began work on his second feature film Pearls Before Swine, a project completed over three years and starring Boyd Rice.

In 2015 and 2017, he directed the films The Second Coming and The Second Coming Vol. 2.

His upcoming film is called The Debt Collector,[8] and is about an ex-IRA member played by John Brumpton, who fights with the neo-Nazi Alt-right – one of whom is an acolyte of an Ulster fascist called Jimmie O'Hare, played by Roger Ward.[9][10][11]


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