Richard Zoglin

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Richard Zoglin
Richard zoglin 8737.jpg
Born (1948-08-08) August 8, 1948 (age 69)
Occupation journalist
Nationality American
Alma mater University of California, Berkeley
Genre non-fiction
Notable awards Samuel Johnson Prize
Spouse Charla Krupp

Richard Zoglin (born August 8, 1948) is an American journalist and author.

He has covered entertainment for Time[1] for over 20 years, and is now a senior editor there. He is the author of Hope: Entertainer of the Century, a 2014 biography of comedian Bob Hope.

In 2008, he published Comedy at the Edge: How Stand-up in the 1970s Changed America, describing Lenny Bruce and the influence of the generation of stand-ups[2] who followed him and elaborated on his style.


Zoglin obtained his degree from the University of California, Berkeley, where he later received his master's degree in journalism.[3]


Zoglin was married to his wife Charla Krupp on 1 August 1992 in East Hampton, Illinois. Mrs. Zoglin is an entertainment editor for Glamour magazine. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois. Zoglin's father was the head of Zoglin Brothers Builders in Kansas City.[3]



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