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Richard Eugene Stotts (better known as Richie Stotts) was the first guitarist and one of the founding members of the punk/metal group Plasmatics.[1]

In 1978, Richie was among the earliest musicians to sport a Mohawk,[2] taking inspiration from the Travis Bickle character in the movie Taxi Driver.[3]

After leaving the Plasmatics in 1984, Richie pursued a solo career with his band King Flux and a graduate degree in Geology. Richie appears in a brief cameo in 9½ Weeks, movie with Kim Basinger. He's recognizable by the blonde mohawk and chainsaw tattoo[4] in a party scene.

He was a great friend of Joey Ramone and was one of several speakers[5] at a CBGB's all-star tribute put on by Micky Leigh, Joey's brother, in 2001.[6] Dee Dee Ramone was also a friend; the two composed "Punishment Fits the Crime" which appeared on the 1989 Brain Drain album by the Ramones.

In 2004, he collaborated with singer-songwriter Carla Lother on several songs for her 100 Lovers album.[7]


See the Plasmatics and King Flux.


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