Richland County School District One

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Richland County School District One
United States
District information
Type public
Motto South Carolina's capital schools
Superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon

Richland County School District One (abbreviated RCSD One or "Richland One"), is a school district with its headquarters in the Stevenson Administration Building in Columbia, South Carolina.[1]

RCSD One is South Carolina’s fifth-largest school district, and serves a population of more than 22,939 students from urban, suburban and rural communities in Columbia. Richland One covers 482 square miles (1,250 km2), operates 52 schools and employs 4,229 staff.[2] It is centrally located about three hours away from the beaches and the mountains of South Carolina.

High schools[edit]

RCSD One operates 7 high schools.

Area 1[edit]

Area 2[edit]

Area 3[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

RCSD One operates 9 middle schools.

Area 1[edit]

Area 2[edit]

  • Crayton Middle School
  • Perry Middle School
  • Sanders Middle School

Area 3[edit]

  • Alcorn Middle School
  • Gibbes Middle School
  • St. Andrews Middle School

Elementary schools[edit]

RCSD One also operates 29 elementary schools.

Area 1[edit]

  • A.C. Moore Elementary School
  • Caughman Road Elementary School
  • Gadsden Elementary School
  • Hopkins Elementary School
  • Horrell Hill Elementary School
  • Meadowfield Elementary School
  • Mill Creek Elementary School
  • Rosewood Elementary School
  • South Kilbourne Elementary School
  • Webber Elementary School

Area 2[edit]

  • Bradley Elementary School
  • Brennen Elementary School
  • Brockman Elementary School
  • Burnside Elementary School
  • Burton-Pack Elementary School
  • Carver-Lyon Elementary School
  • Lewis Greenview Elementary School
  • Pendergrass-Fairwold Elementary School
  • Satchel Ford Elementary School; Kevin J Hasinger, Principal[3]
  • Watkins-Nance Elementary School

Area 3[edit]

  • Arden Elementary
  • E. E. Taylor Elementary
  • Forest Heights Elementary
  • H.B. Rhame Elementary
  • Hyatt Park Elementary
  • John P. Thomas Elementary
  • Logan Elementary School
  • Pine Grove Elementary
  • W.S. Sandel Elementary

Special Schools and Programs in the District[edit]

  • Challenger Learning Center of Richland County School District One
  • Heyward Career and Technology Center
  • Adult Education
  • Evening High School
  • Olympia Learning School Alternative
  • Pendergrass Fairwold School
  • William S. Hall School

Charter Schools[edit]

  • Richland One Middle College (Grades 11-12)
  • Carolina School for Inquiry

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