Richland County School District Two

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Richland County School District Two
6831 Brookfield Road
Richland County, South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina, 29206
United States
District information
Type Public
Motto "In partnership with our community, Richland School District Two prepares all students for success by providing meaningful, challenging, and engaging learning experiences"
Grades Pre-K through 12
Superintendent Debbie Hamm, Ph.D.[1]
Asst. Superintendent(s)

Dr. Marshalynn M. Franklin G. Keith Price

Dr. James Ann Lynch Sheley
Chair of the board James Manning, M.A.T
Schools Elementary 19, Middle 7, High 5
Budget 223,915,710[2]
District ID 4503390[3]
Students and staff
Students 24,000
Other information

Richland County School District Two (commonly referred to as Richland Two) is a nationally recognized school district located in suburban Columbia, South Carolina, United States, in the northeast section of Richland County. It is one of the fastest growing districts in South Carolina, with a current student population above 27,000. It operates 40 schools and centers, two district child development programs, two alternative schools, an adult/community center and several magnet centers and programs at all grade levels.[4]

High schools[edit]

Richland Two operates five high schools, with eleven magnet programs for high schools.[5]

Middle schools[edit]

Richland Two operates seven middle schools, with eleven magnet programs for middle schools.[7]

  • Blythewood Middle School: Karis Mazyck, Principal
  • Dent Middle School: Dr. David Basile, Principal
  • Fine Arts Media Literacy Program (at Dent Middle School)
  • The Learning Collaborative (TLC) (at Dent Middle School)
  • TWO Academies: Single Gender Program (at Dent Middle School)
  • Kelly Mill Middle School Waves: Mark Sims, Principal
  • Kelly Mill, Inc. (at Kelly Mill Middle School)
  • Longleaf Middle School Leopards: Angela Thom, Principal
  • The School for Zoological and Botanical Studies: Kristin Ziegler, Lead Teacher (at Longleaf Middle)[8]
  • STEAM Magnet at Longleaf Middle School
  • Muller Road Middle School: Sean Bishton, Principal
  • Summit Parkway Middle School: Andrew Barbone, Principal
  • Academy of Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine (at Summit Parkway Middle School)
  • STEM Institute of Design and Innovation (at Summit Parkway Middle School)
  • E.L. Wright Middle School: Mary Paige Wylie, Principal
  • Leadership Academy (at E.L. Wright Middle School)

Elementary schools[edit]

Richland Two operates nineteen elementary schools, with three magnet programs for elementary students located on middle school campuses.[9][10]

  • Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School: Tracy Footman, Principal
  • Bookman Road Elementary School: Dr. Kendra Hill, Principal
  • Bridge Creek Elementary School: Kristen Eubanks, Principal
  • Catawba Trail Elementary School: Denise Barth, Principal
  • Center for Achievement: Sabina Mosso-Taylor, Lead teacher (located at Kelly Mill Middle School)[11]
  • Center for Inquiry: Dr. Lyn Mueller, Lead teacher (located at Summit Parkway Middle School)[12]
  • Center for Knowledge (located at E.L. Wright Middle School)
  • Center for Knowledge North (located at Muller Road Middle School)
  • Conder Elementary School: Paula China, Principal
  • Forest Lake Elementary School: Dr. Kappy Steck, Principal
  • Joseph Keels Elementary School: Alvera Butler, Principal
  • Killian Elementary School: Dr. Robert Scotland, Principal
  • Lake Carolina Elementary School Lower Campus: Dr. Andrea Berry, Principal
  • Lake Carolina Elementary School Upper Campus: Jeff Williams, Principal
  • Langford Elementary School: Kaseena Jackson, Principal
  • Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School: Karen Beaman, Principal
  • North Springs Elementary School: Dr. David Holdzendorf, Principal
  • Polo Road Elementary School: Marshalynn Franklin, Principal
  • Pontiac Elementary School: Dr. Katie Barber, Principal
  • Rice Creek Elementary School: Stacey Gadson, Principal
  • Round Top Elementary School: Jeanean Tucker, Principal
  • Sandlapper Elementary School: Linda Hall, Principal
  • Windsor Elementary School: Beth Elliot, Principal

Child Development[edit]

Richland Two operates two child development programs.

  • Clemson Road Child Development Center Caterpillars: Debbie Brady, Lead Teacher[13]
  • Spears Creek Child Development Center: Quinne Evans, Lead Teacher[14]

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