Birdville Independent School District

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Birdville Independent School District
Type and location
Type Independent school district
Grades Pre-K through 12
Established 1855 [1]
Region ESC Region 11 [1]
Country USA
Location Haltom City, Texas
District information
Superintendent Dr. Darell Brown [1]
Schools 34 (2009-10) [2]
District ID 4810230[2]
Students and staff
Students 23,545 (2010-11) [1]
Teachers 1,489.22 (2009-10) [2] (on full-time equivalent (FTE) basis)
Student-teacher ratio 15.38 (2009-10) [2]
Other information
TEA District Accountability Rating for 2011 Academically Acceptable[3]
Website Birdville ISD

The Birdville Independent School District is a K-12 public school district based in Haltom City, Texas (USA). The name derives from a former community in the area, which later became part of Haltom City.


As of the 2010-2011 school year, the appraised valuation of property in the district was $6,836,900,000.[1] The maintenance tax rate was $0.104 and the bond tax rate was $0.039 per $100 of appraised valuation.[1]

Academic achievement[edit]

Historical district TEA accountability ratings[3]

  • 2011: Academically Acceptable
  • 2010: Academically Acceptable
  • 2009: Academically Acceptable
  • 2008: Academically Acceptable
  • 2007: Academically Acceptable
  • 2006: Academically Acceptable
  • 2005: Academically Acceptable
  • 2004: Academically Acceptable
  • 2002: Recognized
  • 2001: Recognized
  • 2000: Recognized
  • 1999: Recognized
  • 1998: Academically Acceptable
  • 1997: Academically Acceptable
  • 1996: Academically Acceptable
  • 1995: Accredited



The district covers 40 square miles (100 km2) in northeast Tarrant County, including most of Haltom City, North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, and Watauga. It also serves small parts of Colleyville, Fort Worth, and Hurst. About 120,000 people live in the district.


In the 2011-2012 school year, the district had students in 34 schools.[1]

Regular instructional[edit]

High schools (Grades 9-12)

Middle schools (Grades 6-8)

  • Haltom Middle School, Haltom City
  • North Oaks Middle School, Haltom City
  • North Richland Middle School, North Richland Hills
  • North Ridge Middle School, North Richland Hills
  • Richland Middle School, Richland Hills
Richland Middle School was established in 1955 and was formerly called Richland Jr. High School. It celebrated its 50th Anniversary during the 2005-2006 school year. The school mascot is the ram and purple and white are the school's colors. The school serves grades 6 through 8. Richland Middle School has 3 bands: The Beginner Band, The Concert Band, & The Honor Winds Band. Students from Richland Elementary and Jack C. Binion Elementary come to the school and students leaving the school go to Birdville High School. The school offers a wide variety of sports for 7th & 8th graders. For boys, options are football, basketball, track & field, and/or cross country. For girls, options are volleyball, basketball, track & field, & cross country. There is also an off-season program if the student does not wish to participate in the current sport being played, which consists of running, agilities, weights, and preparation for the next sport. However, athletes are required to participate in at least 3 sports total for the year.
  • Smithfield Middle School, North Richland Hills
  • Watauga Middle School, Watauga

Primary schools (Pre-K-5)

  • The Academy at Carrie F. Thomas, North Richland Hills
  • The Academy at West Birdville, Haltom City
  • Jack C. Binion, Richland Hills
  • Birdville Elementary School, Haltom City
  • Foster Village Elementary School, North Richland Hills
  • Francisco Elementary School, Haltom City
  • Green Valley Elementary School, North Richland Hills
  • Hardeman Elementary School,
  • Holiday Heights Elementary School, North Richland Hills
  • Mullendore Elementary School, North Richland Hills
  • North Ridge Elementary School, North Richland Hills
  • Richland Elementary School, Richland Hills
  • Smith Elementary School, Haltom City
  • Smithfield Elementary School, North Richland Hills
  • Snow Heights Elementary, North Richland Hills
  • Major Cheney at South Birdville Elementary School, Haltom City
  • Stowe Elementary School, Haltom City
  • Spicer Elementary School, Haltom City
  • W.A. Porter Elementary School, Hurst
  • Watauga Elementary School, Watauga
  • Walker Creek Elementary School, North Richland Hills

Alternative instructional[edit]

  • Homebound
  • Shannon Learning Center, Haltom City, Grades 9-12
  • Tarrant County JJAEP, Grades 6-12

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