Richmond, British Columbia City Council

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For the Richmond, California city council see, Richmond City Council (Richmond, California).

The Richmond City Council is the governing body of the city of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The council consists of the mayor and eight elected city councillors.[needs update] Like Vancouver City Council, the councillors are not elected to represent wards like most Canadian cities.

Municipal elections are held every four years across the Province on the third Saturday of November.

Richmond City Council members[edit]

Current (2014-2017)[edit]

Name Party Position
     Malcolm Brodie Independent Mayor
  Chak Au Richmond Community Coalition Councillor
  Derek Dang Richmond First Councillor
  Carol Day RITE Richmond Councillor
  Ken Johnston Richmond Community Coalition Councillor
     Alexa Loo Independent Councillor
  Bill McNulty Richmond First Councillor
  Linda McPhail Richmond First Councillor
     Harold Steves Independent Councillor


  • Malcolm Brodie, Mayor
  • Chak Au, Councillor (Richmond Independent Team of Electors)
  • Linda Barnes, Councillor (Richmond Citizens Association)
  • Derek Dang, Councillor (Richmond First)
  • Evelina Halsey-Brandt, Councillor (Independent)
  • Ken Johnston, Councillor (Richmond First)
  • Bill McNulty, Councillor (Richmond First)
  • Linda McPhail, Councillor (Richmond First)
  • Harold Steves, Councillor (Richmond Citizens Association)