Richmond–Brighouse station

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SkyTrain station
Canada Line 002.jpg
Location 6222 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Coordinates 49°10′5″N 123°8′11″W / 49.16806°N 123.13639°W / 49.16806; -123.13639Coordinates: 49°10′5″N 123°8′11″W / 49.16806°N 123.13639°W / 49.16806; -123.13639
Owned by TransLink
Platforms Side platforms
Tracks 1
Structure type Elevated
Parking No
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code RB
Fare zone 2
Opened August 17, 2009
Passengers (2016[1]) 22,400
Preceding station   TransLink   Following station
Terminus Canada Line
toward Waterfront

Richmond–Brighouse station is the outbound terminus metro station of the Richmond branch of the Canada Line, part of the SkyTrain system in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, in the Metro Vancouver region. The Canada Line's other outbound terminus station is YVR–Airport.


The station is located within Richmond's commercial heart, close to the Richmond Centre shopping mall and Richmond City Hall. The station is within a short walking distance of such amenities as Richmond Public Market, Richmond Hospital, and the Minoru civic complex, as well as other nearby office, commercial, and residential buildings.

Station information[edit]

Station layout[edit]

T Side platform, doors will open on the right
Platform 1
 Canada Line towards Waterfront (Lansdowne)
S Street Street entrance
Ticket vending machines, fare gates


An on-street turn-around serves as the terminus for many bus routes that serve the area, and enables a convenient transfer to the Canada Line. This loop replaced the one previously at Richmond Centre. A bus loop is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in late 2018.[2]

Bus bay assignments:[3]

Bay Route Notes
1 301 Newton Exchange Express
highway coach
430 Metrotown Station Express
2 401 One Road
407 Gilbert via Vulcan during peak
N10 Downtown
3 403 Bridgeport Station
405 Cambie via Vulcan during peak
410 22nd Street Station via Fraserwood during peak
C94 Richmond Oval
4 Unloading only Unloading only exclusively for the 301, 401 and C96
4A 401 Garden City
430 Richmond-Brighouse Station Unloading only
410 Railway via Fraserwood during peak
5 402 Two Road
5A 404 Four Road
6 405 Five Road via Vulcan during peak
407 Bridgeport via Vulcan during peak
7 402 Two Road
403 Three Road
404 Four Road
N10 Richmond-Brighouse Station

Station name[edit]

Richmond City Council proposed that the name Brighouse be used as the name of the station, since Brighouse is a historic name for the surrounding neighbourhood, thus reflecting the area's heritage. The area was named Brighouse after an early settler, Samuel Brighouse, who was one of "The Three Greenhorns" of Vancouver. From 1920 until 1941, the area was the location of a horse-racing track known as Brighouse Racetrack.[4]