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Richmond cigarettes pack, pic1.JPG
An old pack of Richmond cigarettes
Product type Cigarette
Owner Imperial Tobacco
Introduced 1999

Richmond are a value brand of tobacco cigarettes manufactured by Imperial Tobacco which were re-introduced into UK markets in 1999.[1] They come in the following varieties: Regular, Gold and Menthol - all three in King Size and Superking (100 mm) sizes. The brand is in competition at the lower end of the market, against value UK cigarette brands such as Mayfair, Sovereign and Park Road.

Richmond's variants Superkings and King Size are the fourth and fifth top-selling cigarettes in the UK respectively.[2] They are characterised by the bright blue packaging, which in early 2006 underwent a redesign: the serif font used being replaced for a more modern sans-serif, and general appearance becoming more minimalist. Since 20 May 2016 none of these colours have been manufactured on the packets due to plain packaging coming into force

In 2008, new limited edition packs of Richmond cigarettes were released under the name "Chill Edition". In 2011, Richmond cigarette packaging across the brand varieties was updated, with the introduction of tactile feedback packaging experimented with in the 2008 Chill Edition packaging.

In August 2011, the Richmond brand introduced a new variant. 'Richmond Superslims'[3] follow in the wider introduction to the UK tobacco products market of 'demi-slim' cigarettes, such as British American Tobacco's Vogue Perle brand.

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