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Richmond Christian School is a private and independent school located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.[1] The school is composed of three campuses; an elementary campus, a middle campus and a secondary campus. The Little Eagles Preschool is also located in the elementary campus.[2] Richmond Christian was ranked by the Fraser Institute in 2014 as 22 out of 289 British Columbian Secondary Schools.[3]


The Richmond Christian School began on September 27, 1957 with 37 students ranging from grades 1 to 8.[4] In 1992 the Richmond Christian School merged with the Seacliff Christian School after a two-year process and unified to become the Richmond Christian School. The Woodwards building of RCS became the elementary campus and the No. 5 Road building of SCS became the high school campus. In September 2008, a third building was opened just south of the high school campus. The Woodwards building remained as the elementary campus from kindergarten to grade 5 (including a preschool). The older high school campus became the middle campus from grades 6 to 8, and the new building became the new secondary campus from grades 9 to 12.


The Elementary/preschool campus is in the western half of Richmond, at 5240 Woodwards Road (49°08′35″N 123°09′59″W / 49.14309°N 123.16649°W / 49.14309; -123.16649), while the Middle and Secondary campuses are close to each other on the east end of town, at 10200 and 10260 No. 5 Road (respectively)(49°08′16″N 123°05′26″W / 49.13777°N 123.09042°W / 49.13777; -123.09042).

Richmond Christian School's Elementary campus