Richmond Hill High School (Ontario)

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Richmond Hill High School
Richmond Hill HS COA.jpg
Variously translated as: "Dare to Learn, Dare to be Audacious, Dare to Know, Dare to be Wise"
201 Yorkland Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4S 1A2
Coordinates 43°54′7″N 79°23′50″W / 43.90194°N 79.39722°W / 43.90194; -79.39722Coordinates: 43°54′7″N 79°23′50″W / 43.90194°N 79.39722°W / 43.90194; -79.39722
School type Public High school
Religious affiliation(s) Secular
Founded 1851
School board York Region District School Board
Superintendent Helen Fox
Area trustee Peter Luchowski
Principal Sandra Haliburton
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1641[1] (October 2013)
Language English
Colour(s) Forest Green & White
Mascot Raiders
Last updated: September 2014
Front entrance to Richmond Hill HS

Richmond Hill High School is a secondary school located in the Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. It is the second oldest high school in York Region Municipality (and behind Newmarket High School c. 1843), being established in the mid-19th century. Richmond Hill High School has a strong academic standing and reputation, often placing well in academic contests as well as provincially mandated standardized testing. In the 1998–1999 year, RHHS was ranked the #1 non-private school in Ontario, according to the Fraser Institute, scoring a 9.8/10 ranking (academic) [2][out-of-date reference]. In the most recent Fraser Institute rankings (2011–2012), the school ranked 5th in the province (including private and religious schools), with an overall score of 9.1/10[3]

The school is a host to several regional special education programs, including the town's sole Gifted Program, Advanced Placement Program, Alternative Education Program, Co-Op, Developmentally-Delayed Program and an Orthopedic Program. There is also a very large variety of academic and hobby clubs open to students.


Richmond Hill High School is one of the oldest secondary schools in the Greater Toronto Area, founded on December 2, 1851. It has expanded and changed locations on several occasions including in 1853, 1872, 1897, 1924 and 1950, having had been located on Yonge St. and Wright St. in 'downtown' Richmond Hill before moving to its present location at 201 Yorkland Street in September 2000. The older location is now the French Immersion school École secondaire Norval-Morrisseau

In 1948-9, the Richmond Hill High School Literary Society erected a metal plaque as a list of honour memorial dedicated to the former students of the school who died in service during the First and Second World Wars.[4]

In 2005, former president of South Africa and 1993 Nobel Peace Prize Winner F.W De Klerk visited the school, spoke to students and staff about his part in the end of the apartheid system and answered students' questions during an hour-long session. During his speech, he pointed to Canada as a model for multiculturalism South Africa could look to and also lauded the school for its dedication to the global community through charities, events and awareness raising on global issues.

Building & site[edit]

The current school building, two stories high and measuring 180,174 square feet (16,738.7 m2), was completed and opened in 2000. It contains two gymnasiums, a fitness and weight training room, a cafetorium including a stage, a library, six computer labs, a communications technology room including a green and blue screen, and state-of-the-art science labs.

The two older buildings still survive, with the old 1851 building now a coffee shop on Yonge street, and the 1950 building continuing to operate as the French secondary school "École secondaire Norval-Morrisseau"

Clubs and extracurriculars[edit]

Student Council[edit]

The Student Council (also known as "StuCo") oversees many of the school's student-organized events, including school dances, the annual Semi-Formal, "spirit days", and the annual Carnival. It is also in charge of distributing funding and resources to school clubs.

StuCo Website:


Richmond Hill High School has numerous clubs that operate year-to-year. Most of these clubs meet after school once a week. While most clubs are dedicated to pursuit of interests (Such as chemistry or computer science), there are others that are dedicated to promoting external organizations or events (such as Best Buddies), and still others that meet only as required (Tech crew).


The RHHS Spyglass is Richmond Hill High School's official student-run, student-oriented newspaper, currently printed in the form of a magazine. The paper has been a seasonally published variety tabloid that mixes international news, politics, and local events with student commentary. Issues of the Spyglass were previously published online.

Teams and sports clubs[edit]

Notable alumni[edit]

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