Richmond Tower (Kilmainham)

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Richmond Tower
Looking at the rear of the tower facing West.
Former names Watling Street Gatehouse
Alternative names The West Gate
General information
Architectural style Tudor Gothic
Location Kilmainham
Town or city Dublin
Country Ireland
Completed 1812 (relocated in 1847)
Client Duke of Richmond (Lord Lieutenant)
Design and construction
Architect Francis Johnson

The Richmond Tower is an historical gateway to the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin, designed by Francis Johnson and named after the Duke of Richmond, the Lord Lieutenant at the time. The gateway originally stood beside the river Liffey at Barrack Bridge at the junction of Watling Street and Victoria Quay, but had to be moved after the building of near by Kingsbridge Station in 1846 caused traffic congestion at the site. The tower was dismantled and erected at its present location the following year. Following the move the structure was renamed from Watling Street Gatehouse to Richmond Tower, though it is sometimes referred to as the West Gate due to its location west of the main hospital building.

Johnson had placed his personal coat of arms above the arch, concealed by a piece of wood painted to match the stone, his idea being that his arms would be revealed to future generations after the wood became rotten. However, his little trick was uncovered when the gateway was taken down for removal. The current coat of arms on the gateway is that of the Royal Hospital.

The tower is made from Dublin calp limestone.


Photos of Richmond Tower
Coat of arms on the tower.
Coat of arms on the tower. 
Information sign at tower.
Information sign at tower. 

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Coordinates: 53°20′32″N 6°18′24″W / 53.34211°N 6.306763°W / 53.34211; -6.306763