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The Richmond Trophy was an international figure skating competition for ladies' singles held annually from 1949 to 1980 at the Richmond Ice Rink in Twickenham, London. It was the only invitational international competition (as opposed to the ISU Championships) held on a regular basis in the post-war years.[1] The competition was sponsored by the National Skating Association and was largely due to the activity of Arnold Gerschwiler, coach of many champions at the Richmond rink.[2]

At the last event in November 1980, participation was down to only eleven competitors, attributed to scheduling conflicts with the growing number of other international competitions such as Skate Canada International.[3] Moreover, the National Skating Association had two years previously started another international competition, the St. Ivel International, also held at the Richmond rink but earlier in the fall and including competition in all four disciplines of skating, which by 1980 was already established as one of the more prestigious competitions on the international circuit. Therefore, the ladies-only Richmond Trophy event was discontinued.


Ladies' medalists
Year Gold Silver Bronze Refs
1952 United Kingdom Yvonne Sugden Netherlands Lidy Stoppelman United Kingdom Doreen Spowart
1953 United Kingdom Yvonne Sugden United Kingdom Anne Robinson Netherlands Lidy Stoppelman
1954 United Kingdom Patricia Pauley Netherlands Sjoukje Dijkstra United Kingdom Clema Cowley
1955 United Kingdom Yvonne Sugden Netherlands Joan Haanappel Netherlands Sjoukje Dijkstra
1956 Netherlands Sjoukje Dijkstra Netherlands Joan Haanappel Switzerland Karin Borner
1957 Netherlands Sjoukje Dijkstra United Kingdom Patricia Pauley United Kingdom Diana Clifton-Peach
1958 Netherlands Sjoukje Dijkstra United Kingdom Carolyn Krau United Kingdom Diana Clifton-Peach
1959 Netherlands Joan Haanappel United Kingdom Carolyn Krau France Nicole Hassler
1960 France Nicole Hassler United Kingdom Carolyn Krau United Kingdom Barbara Conniff
1961 France Nicole Hassler United Kingdom Barbara Conniff United Kingdom Heather Moir [4]
1962 France Nicole Hassler United States Carol Noir United Kingdom Anne Lenton
1965 West Germany Uschi Keszler Hungary Zsuzsa Almássy East Germany Beate Richter [5]
1966 Hungary Zsuzsa Almássy
1967 Hungary Zsuzsa Almássy Austria Beatrix Schuba
1968 Austria Elisabeth Nestler United Kingdom Patricia Dodd Czechoslovakia Eleonora Baricka
1969 Austria Elisabeth Nestler United Kingdom Patricia Dodd Italy Rita Trapanese [6]
1970 Italy Rita Trapanese United Kingdom Patricia Dodd United States Dawn Glab [7]
1971 East Germany Christine Errath Canada Cathy Lee Irwin Japan Kazumi Yamashita [7]
1972 United States Dorothy Hamill Switzerland Karin Iten United Kingdom Jean Scott [7]
1973 Netherlands Dianne de Leeuw United Kingdom Maria McLean Switzerland Karin Iten
1974 East Germany Marion Weber West Germany Isabel de Navarre United States Kath Malmberg [8]
1975 Canada Lynn Nightingale United States Barbie Smith United States Linda Fratianne [8]
1976 United States Barbie Smith Italy Susanna Driano Canada Heather Kemkaran [8]
1977 United States Priscilla Hill Finland Kristiina Wegelius Switzerland Denise Biellmann [8]
1978 Italy Susanna Driano United States Carrie Rugh United Kingdom Karena Richardson [8]
1979 United States Alicia Risberg East Germany Carola Weißenberg United States Simone Grigorescu [8]
1980 United Kingdom Karen Wood East Germany Janina Wirth East Germany Carola Paul [8]


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