Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church

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Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church
Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church 01.jpg
51°27′30.6″N 0°18′14.3″W / 51.458500°N 0.303972°W / 51.458500; -0.303972Coordinates: 51°27′30.6″N 0°18′14.3″W / 51.458500°N 0.303972°W / 51.458500; -0.303972
Location Richmond & Putney Unitarian & Free Christian Church, Ormond Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6TH, UK
Country United Kingdom
Denomination Unitarianism
Architect(s) T Locke Worthington[1]
Years built 1896

Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church is a Unitarian church in Ormond Road, Richmond, London.

The church building, dating from 1896, and designed by the architect T Locke Worthington,[1] includes an apse with five stained glass lancers, dating from 1912, by Morris & Co.[2] The Putney congregation merged into the Richmond congregation in 1985. A rear extension designed by Kenneth Tayler was opened in 1966.[3]

The Putney Unitarian Church congregation had met at the Wandsworth Unitarian Church, which was expropriated in 1967 for a road-widening project. Their new church on the Upper Richmond Road opened in 1968. After the Putney congregation combined with Richmond, that building, also designed by Kenneth Tayler, was sold to the All Saints Liberal Catholic Church.[3]


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