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Ricicles is a breakfast cereal sold by Kellogg's in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It is similar to another Kellogg's product, Rice Krispies, but with the addition of a frosted sugar coating. On the cereal box the text appears as 'RiCiCLES'. The product is known as Frosted Rice Krispies in the United States.

Ricicles' mascot is the astronaut 'Captain Rik', who replaced Henry's Cat in the 1980s, and Noddy in the 1960s.

In the 1990s in the United Kingdom and some other markets, small marshmallow pieces were added to the cereal.[citation needed] This met with mixed but generally unpopular reception.[citation needed] A while after the change, 'original' Ricicles (the cereal in its original non-marshmallow form) was sold alongside the new version; however, the marshmallow version was generally unpopular enough for it to quietly disappear from the shelves after a couple of years.[citation needed] As of January 2009 Ricicles were no longer included in Kellogg's variety packs instead being replaced with a new product to test on customers.