Rick Garcia

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Rick Garcia is a news anchor most recently of CBS News Los Angeles.[1] He worked for 22 years at KTTV-TV and KCOP-TV in Los Angeles, California and was the host of KTTV's NFL post-game show “Fox Overtime,” and KTTV's Major League Baseball post-game show, “Extra Inning.”[1] Garcia joined KCAL-TV and KCBS-TV as a news anchor in 2009.[2] While he was the co-anchor of KCAL news, the station became the most-watched prime-time newscast in Southern California during the 2010–11 season.[3]

He received several Emmy Awards,[4] the NATPE’s Iris Award,[5] the National Hispanic Media Coalition’s Excellence in Broadcast Journalism award,[6] and the Golden Mikes Award.[7]

Rick Garcia also acted in many TV shows as a news anchor, including 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, LA Law, and The X-Files.[8] He also acted in movies, including Collateral Damage[9] and The American President.[10][8]


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