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Rick Kosick
Rick Kosick Jackass 3D London Premiere 1.jpg
Rick Kosick at the Jackass 3D London premiere on November 2, 2010
Occupation Photographer, cinematographer
Known for Jackass TV series and Jackass movies

Rick Kosick is an American photographer and cinematographer . He is a crew member, and supporting cast member of the Jackass TV series and the three Jackass movies.

Early career[edit]

Kosick started out as a freelance photographer for Poweredge and Slap skateboarding magazines and built up fame as a skateboard photographer. His photography also caught the attention of the rock band Deftones who contracted Kosick to shoot the cover art to their album Around the Fur. This cover was voted by Revolver magazine as one of the greatest metal covers ever.[1] Kosick was later approached by the editor of Big Brother to become a photographer and later head photo editor. His work at Big Brother inspired later skate photographers, such as Jerome Loughran.[2] He also had involvement in the creation of the Big Brother video series. Kosick's likenesses was featured on a skateboard for Birdhouse Skateboards on an Andrew Reynolds board.[3]

Jackass and follow-on projects[edit]

Following the end of Big Brother, Kosick worked as a freelance photographer until former Big Brother editor Jeff Tremaine approached him for a role in Tremaine's upcoming TV series Jackass. Kosick is often filmed being picked on by other Jackass crew members under the auspices of a legitimate stunt, usually only a ruse set up to tease Kosick.[4] He usually didn't tolerate many of the pranks played against him.

Current projects[edit]

Kosick currently works as a freelance photographer and camera operator. He worked on Wildboyz, Nitro Circus and currently works on Rob and Big on MTV and MTV2. Kosick produced Manny Puig's straight-to-DVD title, Ultimate Predator.[4]

Kosick recently directed an electronic presskit video for the Los Angeles Band HDR and other music videos for Roger Alan Wade, Smutt peddlers, Lil Wyte with Three Six Mafia, House Of Broken Promises and Scream For Me.

Rick is currently a prominent member of the staff at Jackassworld.com as a content producer and has his own online show 'jackass world live' (formerly known as the 4:20 show with rick kosick) which also commonly features other staff members including Sean Cliver and Greg Wolf amongst others. The show is supposed to go live on Wednesdays at 4:20 pm PST, but is known for regularly being late (picking up the name 4:20ish show from community members) and, amongst other reasons, was why the show was renamed.


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