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Rick Raymer is an American video game designer. He's worked for developers and publishers alike such as EAI, Hasbro Interactive, iROCK Entertainment and Vicious Cycle Software.

Raymer got his start in game design at EAI around 1996. While there he designed at least three games, including Clue for Hasbro Interactive, Scooby Doo: Mystery of the Fun Park Phantom for SouthPeak Interactive and Animaniacs Splat Ball (also for SouthPeak).

Because of his work on Clue, Hasbro Interactive hired Raymer in 1999 when EAI ceased game development. However, Hasbro Interactive was shut down soon after hiring Raymer, who was designing several games, including an updated version of the Atari classic Combat! for the PlayStation.

Raymer went onto work for iROCK Entertainment where he designed at least one game based on the rock icon Ozzy Osbourne. Shortly, however, he went to work for Vicious Cycle Software which was started by former co-workers who worked for Hasbro Interactive when it closed its doors. There he designed several games, including Robotech: Battlecry for TDK Mediactive, Inc..

As of January 2005, Raymer was the Creative Director for Oasys Mobile,[1] a developer of cell phone mobile games.

Raymer makes his home in North Carolina. He lives with his wife, Liz, and their two children.

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