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Rick Shelley (January 1, 1947 – January 27, 2001) was a military science fiction author. Born in Kankakee, Illinois.


Varayan Memoir[edit]

Varay is a medieval land situated between our world and the all magical world of Fairy. The Varayan Memoir follows the adventures of Gil Tyner a college student turned medieval adventurer.

  • Son of the Hero (1990)
  • The Hero of Varay (1991)
  • The Hero King (1992)

Seven Towers[edit]

  • The Wizard at Mecq (1994)
  • The Wizard at Home (1995)

Second Commonwealth War[edit]

  • The Buchanan Campaign (1995)
  • The Fires Of Coventry (1996)
  • Return to Camerein (1997)

13 Spaceborn[edit]

  • Until Relieved (1994)
  • Side Show (1994)
  • Jump Pay (1995)

Dirigent Mercenary Corps[edit]

This is the story of Lon Nolan, and his progression through the ranks of The Dirigent Mercenary Corps. (DMC) He was originally a cadet at a military academy for the North American Army in Colorado Springs, but was cheated out of his chance to serve in his home land's armed forces when growing political dissent prompted the government to declare that a large portion of the military academy's graduating class would be commissioned into the police forces. He was given a second chance at a soldier's life, as a professional soldier on the colony world of Dirigent. Dirigent's sole industry is war, and the DMC is law. Lon soon becomes a proficient officer, a proud Dirigenter, and even the father of a corpsman.

Spec Ops Squad[edit]

  • Holding The Line (2001)
  • Deep Strike (2002)
  • Sucker Punch (2002)

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