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Rick Whelan is an Irish broadcaster, film director and multimedia producer from Waterford. He founded WLR FM making pilot pirate broadcasts in 1978. WLR FM eventually became a licensed station in 1989.

In recent years, Whelan's on-air role is still to the fore, with his "Here's Ricky programme on Saturday and Sunday evenings on WLRfm increasing in ratings all the time. he is also a TV/Radio Commercial V.O. artist. having worked with RTE Commercial Enterprises for 9 years and TV3. He continues to work as a regular DJ at the Uluru Bar in Waterford.

Whelan is noted for directing and producing the original adaptation of Loftus Hall, entitled The Legend of Loftus Hall- and his next project is a Dramatization of a project titled "The Tipperary Witch" which as yet, has not gone into production. However, it is rumored that shooting will begin in early Summer of 2013. As yet no major names have been released. Whelan says he has been researching the background and story for the last fourteen years. Understandable when you realise how detailed Whelan can be about the tiniest of scenes.