Ricken Pass

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Ricken Pass
Ricken Pass
Elevation 790 m (2,592 ft)
Location Switzerland
Coordinates 47°16′7″N 9°2′55″E / 47.26861°N 9.04861°E / 47.26861; 9.04861Coordinates: 47°16′7″N 9°2′55″E / 47.26861°N 9.04861°E / 47.26861; 9.04861

The Ricken Pass is a mountain pass in the canton of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland. At a maximum altititude of 790 metres (2,590 ft), it connects the Linth valley and the Toggenburg.[1]

The pass is crossed by a road, which has a maximum gradient of 9%. The Ricken Tunnel, an 8.6 kilometres (5.3 mi) long rail tunnel, runs under the pass.[1]


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