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Ricky 1
Directed byWilliam T. Naud
Produced byWilliam T. Naud
Written byWilliam T. Naud
StarringMichael Michaud
Maggie Hughes
Hawthorne James
Music byJoel Goldsmith
CinematographyDavid Golia
Edited byWilliam T. Naud
Distributed byTapeWorm (US home video)
Release date
Running time
90 mins
CountryUnited States

Ricky 1 is a 1988 American comedy film that parodies the Rocky film series. It was written, edited, produced and directed by William T. Naud (credited as Bill Naud). Many gags parody events in Rocky, but also make reference to other films such as The Godfather.[1][2]


A down on his luck male stripper and gigolo, Ricky Wanero, trains to become a boxing champion and take on the Silver Shadow.


  • Michael Michaud as Ricky
  • Maggie Hughes as Annie
  • Hawthorne James as The Champ/Silver Shadow
  • Lane Montano as Vinnie
  • Peter Zellers as Leon / Patton
  • Jimmy Williams as Cutman / The Hitman / Arnie / Manny the Fighter
  • Brent Beckett as Brutal Bruce
  • Lloyd Haslip as Bruce's Manager


According to TV Guide, the film was shot in 1983, but shelved until 1988.[3]


The film remained mostly obscure, until internet personality and filmmaker James Rolfe (best known for the Angry Video Game Nerd webseries) reviewed it as part of his mock feud with Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) in 2008. He panned the film for its lame jokes/visual gags, poor plot and nonsensical references that had nothing to do with the Rocky films.[4]


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