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Ricky Lancelotti (August 25, 1944 - April 7, 1980), also known as Rick Lancelot, was a singer best known for his work with Frank Zappa in 1973. Frank Zappa songs featuring Lancelotti's vocals can be found on the albums Over-Nite Sensation, The Lost Episodes and Läther.[1]


Under the stage name of "Rick Lancelot", Lancelotti released several unsuccessful singles for RCA Records in 1965 and 1966. Simultaneously, Lancelotti occasionally appeared on the ABC-TV music series Shindig as the show's "in-house" singer (usually spotlighting the heavier R&B hits of the day).

Lancelotti was featured as one of several uncredited lead vocalists on Hanna Barbara's 1968-1970 children's program The Banana Splits. His vocal performances also appeared on the Splits' lone album We're the Banana Splits; released by Decca Records in 1968. He also sang with the group Sky Oats, whose music was included in the 1970 surfing documentary Pacific Vibrations.[2]


In 1964, the single " Sick Chick" / "Ain't That Soul" by was released by Rick Lancelot and the Peppermint Sticks. Rick Lancelot was Ricky Lancelotti. The single was composed by himself and Lolly Vegas.[3][4]


He died on April 7, 1980 at 35 years old.[5]