Rico Suave (song)

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"Rico Suave"
Single by Gerardo
from the album Mo' Ritmo
Released December 1990
Format CD single, 7"
Recorded 1990
Genre Latin rap
Hip hop
Length 4:09
Label Interscope/Randy's Records
Writer(s) Christian Carlos Warren, Gerardo Mejia, Alberto Slezynger, and Rosa Soy
Producer(s) Erika Mitchell
Gerardo singles chronology
"Rico Suave"
"We Want the Funk"

"Rico Suave" is a 1990 single by Ecuadorian rapper and singer Gerardo. It appeared on his 1991 album Mo' Ritmo. The track peaked at #7 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart on April 13, 1991, and reached #2 on the Hot Rap Singles chart a week earlier. In the song, the narrator tells of his luck with women and his lady-loving lifestyle.

The song ranks #100 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s and #9 on VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders. It also ranked at #37 on Blender's list of the "50 Worst Songs Ever".[1]

The song contains samples of "Give It Up or Turnit a Loose" by James Brown and "Chamo Candela" by Venezuelan Tropical/Dance pop Group Daiquiri.

Track listing[edit]

Maxi-CD single[edit]

  1. "Rico Suave" (Spanglish Version) - 3:29
  2. "Rico Suave" (Mo' Ritmo Dance Version) - 7:15
  3. "Rico Suave" (All Spanish Version) - 4:17

12" single[edit]

  1. "Rico Suave" (Spanglish Version) - 4:09
  2. "Rico Suave" (The More English Edit) - 3:29
  3. "Rico Suave" (Mo' Ritmo Dance Version) - 7:15
  4. "Rico Suave" (Spanish Version) - 4:17

Remix single[edit]

  1. "Rico Suave" - 4:09
  2. "Rico Suave" (Spanish Version) - 4:17
  3. "Rico Suave" (Instrumental Energize Mix) - 4:09

Music video[edit]

The video for the single features Gerardo and several male back-up dancers dancing in a sexual way. Gerardo wears an open leather jacket, revealing his abs and pecs. The backup dancers wear white teeshirts under their oversized suit jackets.

The video's intro consists of the singer and two back-up dancers squatting in front of a skyscraper with their backs to the camera. Near the end of the video, Gerardo takes his jacket off.

The bilingual version of the video also details Gerardo's encounter with his date's white parents, who appear less than thrilled with Gerardo.

The video was nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards for Best Male Video and Best New Artist.

Gerardo's real-life father played his girlfriend's father in the video.

Chart positions[edit]


"Weird Al" Yankovic recorded a parody entitled "Taco Grande" about a man who visits a Mexican restaurant, featuring Cheech Marin speaking rapid Spanish in the bridge. It was released on his 1992 album Off the Deep End. This parody uses the English language more than Spanish.

Saturday Night Live featured a skit showing "one-hit wonder" artists of the past. Among them was Gerardo (portrayed by Horatio Sanz) who addressed himself as "Rico Suave" as if it were his real name.

A Pinky and the Brain episode featured a plotline in which the Brain created a new alter-ego for Pinky, "Pinky Suavo" to hypnotize the world.