Ricochet Infinity

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Ricochet Infinity
RicochetInfinity Box.jpg
Developer(s) Reflexive Entertainment
Publisher(s) Reflexive Entertainment
Producer(s) James C. Smith

James C. Smith Lars Brubaker
Brian Fisher
Simon Hallam
Dan Ruskin
Lee Cooper

Loren Osborn
Series Ricochet series
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, iOS
Release Microsoft Windows
July 31, 2007
Genre(s) Breakout-like, Arcade and Action
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Display 800x600 resolution

Ricochet Infinity is the fourth installment in the Ricochet video game series by Reflexive Entertainment. As its preceding titles Ricochet Xtreme (2001), Ricochet Lost Worlds (2004) and Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged (2004), it is a Breakout clone. As in Atari's Breakout game, the purpose of each level is to destroy all the bricks on the screen. The Reflexive Ricochet games are more stylized than Breakout, adding various power-ups and brick variations.

The "infinite" in the title stems from the fact that new level sets have been released on a weekly basis[citation needed].

In September 2010, Ricochet Infinity was released for the iPhone app store. The mobile version of the game makes use of motion sensitivity of the device as a gameplay mechanic.


The gameplay of Ricochet Infinity follows the previous trends. The player controls a paddle, called a shield, attached to a ship, so that at least one ball, called ion sphere, stays on screen (in play). The objective is to break all breakable blocks in the level by hitting these blocks with the ion sphere(s). An ion sphere can be bounced on the shield. If no ion sphere remains on-screen, the player loses a life. If the player has no lives remaining, the player loses the game and must restart the level from the beginning.

There is no storyline: instead, levels are divided into sets called planets, and completing all levels in each planet unlocks the next planets. The planets are divided into two episodes; the first episode is Ricochet Infinity, and the second one Episode 2: Delta Quadrant; these can be unlocked after completing each level of the first episode.

In addition, players can download user-created levels, and the game includes a level editor which permits online sharing of user-created levels.

As in Ricochet Lost World and Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged, all provided levels and most user-created levels contain items called Golden Rings. Collecting these Golden Rings can be a challenge, which is sometimes made harder with the fact that the ion spheres stop after all bricks are destroyed, even if there are still some Golden Rings remaining. Collecting these Golden Rings unlocks new ships and balls.

Level Editor[edit]

Ricochet Infinity has a revamped level editor that allows much more complicated movements etc. in a level. This level editor allows the players to create their own levels, which can be shared to the world. Unlike the other series, it has a Level Downloader to download created levels (while Ricochet Xtreme has no level downloader, and Ricochet Lost Worlds and Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged user-created levels must be downloaded manually from the internet).

However, the ability to add custom backgrounds, bricks, environment styles and other developer build functions were removed.[1]


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