Ricochet Xtreme

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Ricochet Xtreme
RicochetXtreme Box.jpg
Developer(s) Reflexive Entertainment
Publisher(s) Reflexive Entertainment
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Linux via Crossover
Release date(s) November 2001
Genre(s) Breakout clone
Mode(s) Single player

Ricochet Xtreme (also known a Ricochet in the trial version and Rebound under RealArcade licensing) is the first Ricochet game in the Ricochet series of Breakout clone's created by Reflexive Entertainment. The gameplay is very similar to Breakout and Arkanoid, but highly stylized. The game is played through different themes. There is a "Outer Space" theme, an "Aquarium" theme, an "Inner Sanctum" theme and a "Cyber Vortex" theme. In each level, the "bricks" are animated. Some bricks explode, some are indestructible, and some are bricks that spawn special power-ups that float down to the player's paddle at the bottom of the screen. The effects of the power ups can be either positive or negative.

There are some additional addons to the game that can be downloaded online. These include a new level pack, music modifications, vectorized textures, and game patches.

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