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Ricoh GR (large sensor compact camera)

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Ricoh GR
TypeLarge sensor fixed-lens camera
Lens28 mm equivalent
F-numbersf/2.8 at the widest
Sensor typeCMOS
Sensor size23.7 x 15.7 mm (APS-C type)
Maximum resolutionGR, GR II – 4928 x 3264 (16 megapixels)
GR III, GR IIIx – 6000 x 4000 (24 megapixels)
Film speed100-25600
Recording mediumSD, SDHC, SDXC
Shutter speeds1/4000 s to 300 s
Continuous shooting4 frames per second
Optional viewfindersOptical viewfinder available as an accessory
Image processing
White balanceYes
LCD screen3 inches with 1,230,000 dots
Dimensions117 x 61 x 34.7 mm (4.61 x 2.4 x 1.38 inches)
Weight245 g including battery

The Ricoh GR is a digital large sensor compact camera announced by Ricoh on April 17, 2013, one of a number of Ricoh GR digital cameras. It was succeeded by the Ricoh GR II in 2015, the Ricoh GR III in 2019, and the GR IIIx in 2021.

Ricoh GR[edit]

Unlike its predecessors (the "GR Digital" series), the Ricoh GR incorporated an APS-C image sensor, while retaining a relatively compact form factor. Coupled with its retractable lens, the GR is potentially the slimmest of any camera in its class when powered off. Aside from portability, reviewers praised the GR for its lens quality and ergonomics.[1]

An unusual feature of the Ricoh GR was its built-in ND filter. Its maximum shutter speed was variable, depending on the aperture setting (ie, 1/4000s was only available at apertures smaller than f/5.6).[1]

The Ricoh GR series has been compared against the Nikon Coolpix A and the Fujifilm X70, other large sensor compacts with the same fixed focal length (28mm).

Ricoh GR II[edit]

DPReview said that over the Ricoh GR, the GR II is "a fairly minor update ... the camera isn't a dramatic update ... the core of the camera remains the same".[2]

New features[edit]

  • 802.11/Wi-Fi – to remotely control the camera as well as providing the option to transfer images from the camera to a mobile device or computer[2]
  • NFC[2]
  • Maximum shutter speed when shooting at f/2.8 increased by 1/3 EV to 1/2500 s[2]
  • Can shoot 10 raw frames at its maximum shooting rate of 4 fps (up from 4 raw frames)[2]
  • Can save either individual raw files or a composite raw file when shot in interval mode[2]
  • Autofocus during movie shooting[2]
  • Option to trigger movie shooting across Wi-Fi, using the browser-based GR Remote app[2]
  • Seven additional effect modes for JPEGs[2]
  • An extra 'Color Temperature Extension' white balance mode[2]
  • The internal flash can be used to remotely operate Pentax AF360 and AF540 flashguns as slaves[2]
  • Tap (half-press) the shutter to enter shooting mode if the camera has been turned on by holding the playback button, which previously required a full press[2]

Ricoh GR III[edit]

The Ricoh GR III was announced as "under development" on September 25, 2018, immediately prior to Photokina that year.[3] The camera was released in March 2019.

While the GR II was seen as an incremental upgrade,[2] the GR III was the result of a longer development cycle and boasted more significant changes. Ricoh indicated that several key components, including the sensor and the lens, would be upgraded. The body dimensions would decrease slightly, with the built-in flash removed. As July 30, 2020, a new firmware version was released.[4]

New features[edit]

Ricoh GR IIIx[edit]

The Ricoh GR IIIx was announced in September 2021.[14] The camera was released the same month. An incremental update from the GR III, the GR IIIx includes a new 26.1mm lens.[15]

Model differences[edit]

Sensor 16 MP, CMOS, APS-C 24 MP, CMOS, APS-C
Lens specification 18.3mm f/2.8
(Equiv. 28mm)
26.1mm f/2.8
(Equiv. 40mm)
Shutter speed 300 ~ 1/4000 sec
(1/2000 at f/2.8)
300 ~ 1/4000 sec
(1/2500 at f/2.8)
30 ~ 1/4000 sec
(1/2500 at f/2.8)
AF type Contrast Detect Phase Detect and Contrast Detect
Built-in flash Yes No
Image stabilization No Yes, 3-axis
Dust reduction system No Yes
Wi-Fi connectivity No Yes
Dimensions 117 x 61 x 35 mm 117 x 63 x 35 mm 109 x 62 x 33 mm 109 x 62 x 35 mm
Weight 245 g 251 g 257 g 262 g
Announcement date April 2013 June 2015 September 2018 September 2021

GR II Accessories[edit]

  • GW-3 21mm-equivalent wide-angle adapter / lens[16]
  • GM-1 macro conversion lens[16]

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