Riddhi Sen

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Riddhi Sen
Riddhi Sen in the theatre Dakghar
Riddhi Sen in Bengali theatre Dakghar
Born Kolkata, India
Residence Kolkata
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actor
Religion Hindu
Parent(s) Kaushik Sen (father) and Reshmi Sen (mother)
Relatives Chitra Sen (grandmother) and Shyamal Sen (grandfather)

Riddhi Sen is an Indian Bengali actor. He is son of Bengali stage and film actor Kaushik Sen and dancer Reshmi Sen and grand-son of actress Chitra Sen and Shyamal Sen.[1][2] Sen has been acting in stage from a very early age, Chitra Sen, his grandmother remembered seeing Riddhi acting almost from his birth. She said– From a very tender age he is performing at ‘Prachya’, I remember carrying him through the crowds at the age of 3.[2]
He is a regular actor of the theatre group Swapnasandhani.[3]
Sen is a student of South Point school, Kolkata. In 2010, he received a special talent award from his school for his achievements in the field of theatre.[4]




  • Prachya.[6]
  • Dakghor (directed by Kaushik Sen)
  • Banku Babur Bandhu 2006 (directed by Kaushik Sen)
  • Bhalo Rakkhosher Golpo (directed by Kaushik Sen)
  • Krironok.
  • Birpurush (2010)
  • Macbeth (2012 Bengali theatre, based on Shakespeare's play Macbeth, directed by Kaushik Sen, in this play Sen played the role of one of the three witches).[7]
  • In mid-2012 Sen played the role of young Andrea in Anjan Dutt's Bengali theatre adoption of Bertolt Brecht's Life of Galileo.[8]


  • Award by Nehru Children's Museum.[6]
  • Sundaram Award, 2008.[6]


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