Ride & Show Engineering, Inc.

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Ride & Show Engineering, Inc.
TypePrivately owned
IndustryEngineering services
FounderEduard Feuer and
William Watkins
ProductsEntertainment attractions, show action equipment, and transportation systems

Ride & Show Engineering, Inc. is an American private company that conceptualizes, develops, and builds attractions, show action equipment, and transportation systems. In 1984 Eduard Feuer and William Watkins, the former Senior Project Engineer and Chief Mechanical Engineer, respectively, for Walt Disney Imagineering, established Ride & Show in the state of California.

Ride & Show designs, engineers and fabricates simulation and motion base systems, boat ride systems, and people movers; floor-mounted ride systems for dark ride attractions; monorails; and numerous show action and special effect equipment for large and small entertainment projects worldwide.[1][2]


Ride & Show's clientele extend beyond typical amusement parks and range into:

  • Retail and location-based entertainment
  • Theme park attractions
  • Transportation and ride systems
  • Large show equipment and stages
  • Science centers and museums


Ride & Show's first project was to redesign and rehabilitate the chassis and install new bodies for the Disneyland Mark V monorails for Messerchmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) of Germany. Shortly thereafter Disney contracted Ride & Show to design and supply the Maelstrom boat ride system for the Norway Pavilion attraction at Epcot.[3]

The company has created and developed a number entertainment and specialty projects in a variety of forms.

Completed entertainment projects[edit]

Client Location Attraction Role Completion Date Notes
Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) Disneyland, Anaheim, California Mark V Monorail Engineering & Refurbishment 1987 Transportation


MCA Universal Studios, Hollywood, California Miami Vice Action Spectacular Engineering, F

fabrication and installation of helicopter, mine train and falling tower

1987 Show Action Equipment[4]
Disney EPCOT, Orlando, Florida Maelstrom, Norway Pavilion Engineering, fabrication & installation Boat Ride System 1988 Boat Ride System[2]
MCA Universal Studios Hollywood, California King Kong, Brooklyn Bridge Engineering, fabrication and installation of the tramway motion bridge 1986 Show Action Equipment
MCA Universal Studios Hollywood,


Earthquake Engineering, fabrication and installation of the tramway simulator platform 1987 Show Action Equipment
Ridewerks, Ltd. Burbank, California Turbo Tour Motion Theaters Engineering & Development 3-axis Motion Theater 1990 Joint Venture Partnership with Iwerks Entertainment[5]
MCA Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida Earthquake Attraction Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1990 Tram Motion Ride System & Show Action Equipment[4]
MCA Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida Jaws Attraction Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1990 Boat Ride System & Large Animation[4]
Hong Kong Science Museum Hong Kong Science Museum, Kowloon, Hong Kong The Energy Machine Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1991 Museum's Signature Exhibit[6]
Denbies Co. Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking, United Kingdom Indoor Wine Tour Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1991 Ride System
Papalote Museo del Nino Papalote Children's Museum, Mexico City, Mexico Interactive Ball & Rail Machine Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1992
Toyo Engineering Corp. Shima Spain Village, Isobe, Japan Adventure Lagoon Show Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1993 Turnkey Attraction – Boat Ride and Show Systems
Taiwan Folk Village Taiwan Folk Village, Taichung, Taiwan Adventures of Cheng Ho Show Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1995 Boat Ride Show Systems
Museum of Discovery and Science Museum of Discovery and Science, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida The Great Gravity Clock Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1995
Schwager Davis Inc. Buffalo Bills & Primadonna Hotels, Primm, Nevada Unitrak Monorail Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1998 Transportation System
USJ LLC Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan Back to the Future: The Ride Engineering, Fabrication & Installation of Pre-show Ball & Rail 2001
Taipei Astronomical Museum Taipei Astronomical Museum, Taipei, Taiwan Cosmic Adventure Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 2002 Turnkey Attraction Omnimover and Show Systems
Kangwon Land Casino & Resort Kangwon Land, Sabuk, South Korea Alien Encounter Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 2004 Turnkey Attraction
Battaglia Inc. Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea Pharaoh's Fury Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation of Special Effects & Show Action Equipment 2005

Completed performance stage projects[edit]

Client Location Project Role Completion Date Notes
House of Blues Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California Swinging Bar & Stage Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1994
House of Blues Chicago, Illinois Stage Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1996
House of Blues Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Stage Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1997
House of Blues Disney Springs, Orlando, Florida Stage Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1998
Virgin Megastore Disney Springs, Orlando, Florida Virgin Megastore Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1998 Performance Platform and Canopy Entrance[7]

Completed specialized engineering projects[edit]

Client Location Project Role Completion Date Notes
Self-Realization Fellowship Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, Pacific Palisades, California Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 1998 Canopy Structure
Flowserve Corporation Multiple Locations Hydraulic Vehicles Engineering and Fabrication 1998-2008 For the removal of motors in nuclear power plants
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles, California The Great Bronze Doors Engineering, Fabrication & Installation 2002 50,000 lb. Doors with 300-year design life[8]
Dynamic Research US Army Training Simulator Fabrication 2006 Simulator steel platform and aluminum cab structures


Ride & Show Engineering has been assigned four patents in the entertainment industry.

  • Amusement ride car system with multiple axis rotation,[9] which pairs ride car systems with programmable controllers to direct patrons view of the show sets and scenery within an attraction. The invention was a significant improvement over previous mechanical cam systems utilized to achieve this result.
  • Flight simulator which provides for independent control of rotation about the pitch and roll axis including the capability for complete inversion of an occupant in the cockpit.[10]
  • Flight simulator with full 360 degree rotation capability about the roll axis.[11]
  • Inverted simulation attraction where the ride cars are suspended from the track and the cars are pointed in various directions to view specific portions of the attraction and a motion base allows for simulated movement[12]


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