Ride the Storm (novel)

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Ride the Storm
Author Dean Koontz
Country United States
Language English
Series Moonlight Bay Trilogy
Genre Suspense, Mystery novel
Preceded by Seize the Night

Ride the Storm is the long-planned final book in the Moonlight Bay Trilogy, to be written by American author Dean Koontz. The book is the third installment featuring Christopher Snow, a young man who suffers from the rare (but real) disease called XP (xeroderma pigmentosum). Book one, Fear Nothing, was released in 1998, and book two, Seize the Night, was released in 1999.

According to a January 14, 2000, interview with Bookreporter.com, Dean Koontz was quoted as saying "I'm half way through Ride the Storm, the third Christopher Snow story, but another book will appear between False Memory and Ride."

As of 2003, Koontz was still "halfway through" Ride the Storm.[1]

In a Frequently Asked Questions pamphlet delivered with Koontz' official email newsletter "Useless News", Koontz writes: "The third Chris Snow novel — after FEAR NOTHING and SEIZE THE NIGHT — will be written, God willing, but has been delayed because other ideas demand attention first. RIDE THE STORM, the third Snow, has been cooking for a long time, but it's a delicate dish to develop."[citation needed]


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