Rideau-Goulbourn Ward

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Location within Ottawa
Location within Ottawa
Coordinates: 45°06′N 75°47′W / 45.100°N 75.783°W / 45.100; -75.783Coordinates: 45°06′N 75°47′W / 45.100°N 75.783°W / 45.100; -75.783
 • CouncillorScott Moffatt
 • Total24,530

Rideau-Goulbourn Ward is a city ward located in Ottawa, Ontario. Situated in the rural south end of the city, the ward includes rural areas west of the Rideau River and the communities of Manotick, Richmond, North Gower, Munster, Kars, Fallowfield, Ashton and Burritts Rapids as well as Goulbourn Township south and west of Stittsville.

Before 2006, the ward was known as Rideau Ward and was increased in coverage as the new ward of Stittsville was created from parts of the former Kanata and Goulbourn Wards due to population growth in Stittsville as well as new developments in the west portions of the former city of Kanata. Portions of Goulbourn Township was added to Rideau Ward. In 2014, the new Blackstone subdivision was transferred from Rideau-Goulbourn Ward to Stittsville Ward.

Prior to being amalgamated into Ottawa, this areas was represented on Regional council by Western Townships Ward.

Regional councillors[edit]

  1. Dave Bartlett (-1985, Mayor of Rideau)
  2. Glenn Brooks (1986-1991, Mayor of Rideau)
  3. James Stewart (1992-1994, Mayor of Rideau)
  4. Betty Hill (1995-2000, Western Townships Ward)

City councillors[edit]

Since the amalgamation of Rideau Township into the City of Ottawa, its constituents have elected the following to the Ottawa City Council:

Ottawa City Councillors for Rideau-Goulbourn
No. Years Name
1 2001 - 2010 Glenn Brooks
2 2010 - Present Scott Moffatt

Election results[edit]

Ottawa municipal election, 2000[edit]

City council
Candidate Votes %
Glenn Brooks 3444 65.10
James Stewart 1846 34.90

Ottawa municipal election, 2003[edit]

City council
Candidate Votes %
Glenn Brooks 2765 62.68
Paul Paton 1646 37.32%

Ottawa municipal election, 2006[edit]

City council
Candidate Votes %
Glenn Brooks 4678 44.41
Scott Moffatt 3205 30.43
Iain McCallum 1345 12.77
Jim Stewart 1305 12.39

Ottawa municipal election, 2010[edit]

City council
Candidate Votes %
Scott Moffatt 5048 52.64
Glenn Brooks 2539 26.48
Bruce Webster 1181 12.32
Iain McCallum 563 5.87
Bruce Chrustie 258 2.69

Ottawa municipal election, 2014[edit]

City council
Candidate Vote %
    Scott Moffatt 5,137 62.26
    Daniel Scharf 3,114 37.74

Ottawa mayor (Ward results)
Candidate Vote %
    Jim Watson 4,771 58.58
    Mike Maguire 3,191 39.18
    Rebecca Pyrah 45 0.55
    Darren W. Wood 36 0.44
    Anwar Syed 35 0.43
    Robert White 32 0.39
    Bernard Couchman 19 0.23
    Michael St. Arnaud 15 0.18


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