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A ridge is a geological feature that features a continuous elevational crest for some distance.

Ridge may also refer to:



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  • Alan Ridge (born 1934), Australian politician
  • John Ridge or Yellow Bird (1792-1839), member of the Cherokee Tribe, son of Major Ridge
  • John Rollin Ridge or Cheesquatalawny (1827–1867), member of the Cherokee tribe, considered the first Native American novelist
  • Major Ridge or Pathkiller II (c. 1771 –1839), Cherokee Indian leader
  • Matthew Ridge (b. 1968), New Zealand rugby footballer
  • Sterling Ridge, Arizona legislator and mayor
  • Stuart Ridge (born 1961), former English cricketer
  • Tom Ridge, Pennsylvania governor and first Director of Homeland Security


Other uses[edit]

  • Ridge (roof), an architectural element on roof
  • Ridge Vineyards, a wine producer in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California
  • a term used in dog breeding, meaning a ridge of hair that runs along the back in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. e.g. on the Thai Ridgeback

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