Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

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Ridgecrest Regional Hospital
Location1081 N. China Lake Blvd., Ridgecrest, California, United States
Coordinates35°38′26″N 117°40′16″W / 35.64061°N 117.6711°W / 35.64061; -117.6711Coordinates: 35°38′26″N 117°40′16″W / 35.64061°N 117.6711°W / 35.64061; -117.6711
Care systemPublic
Hospital typeCommunity
Emergency departmentLevel IV trauma center[1]
ListsHospitals in California

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital is a hospital located in Ridgecrest, California which is just east of the Southern Sierra Mountains in the Indian Wells Valley.[2] It has two specialty units, including pediatric and intensive care. The hospital was established in the mid-1940s out of a need for medical care for the workforce of the growing China Lake naval weapons station. It is the only regional healthcare system in the area and provides a variety of services to the region.[3]


Ridgecrest Regional Hospital provides family medicine services through the Southern Sierra Medical Clinic and Rural Health Clinic.  The hospital offers the following services:[4]


The hospital was established by Dr. Thomas Drummond in 1945 as Ridgecrest Community Hospital. The hospital has seen several expansions over the years: a new wing was added in 1968; an intensive-care unit in 1976; and a four-phased major expansion was begun in 1987.[5]


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