Ridi Bendi Ela Irrigation Scheme

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Ridi Bendi Ela is a major irrigation scheme in North Western Province, Sri Lanka. The main reservoir of the irrigation scheme is the Magalle tank which is located in Nikawaratiya. The reservoir has a total capacity of 7480 Acft and a depth at the spilling level of 17 ft and 11 inch. Total length of the tank bund is 5463 ft. 23 km long Ridi Bendi ela feeder canal provide neally 80% of annual water inflow.


The original irrigation reservoir and feeder canal from Daduru Oya were constructed by King Mahasena.

Project area[edit]

The project area is divided into 11 farmer organisations:

  • Katagamuwa
  • Magallegama
  • Ibbawala
  • Mada Ela
  • Balagollagama
  • Budumuththawa
  • Kabellawa
  • Heelogama
  • Diullawa
  • Danduwa
  • Tharanagolla