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Ridnitšohkka, Ritničohkka
Ridnitšohkka from Halti.JPG
Ridnitsohkka as seen from Halti.
Elevation 1,317.1 m (4,321 ft)
Ridnitsohkka is located in Finland
Location of Ridnitsohkka in Finland
Location Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, Enontekiö, Lapland, Finland
Range Scandinavian Mountains
Coordinates 69°17′16″N 021°20′19″E / 69.28778°N 21.33861°E / 69.28778; 21.33861Coordinates: 69°17′16″N 021°20′19″E / 69.28778°N 21.33861°E / 69.28778; 21.33861

Ridnitsohkka (Finnish: Ridnitšohkka, Northern Sami: Ritničohkka) is the second-highest point in Finland, though it is the highest mountain with its peak within Finland. The eastern face is steep while the western side is mild. While somewhat popular destination among off-piste skiers, the remoteness (50 km or 31 mi from the nearest settlement) of this mountain makes it very isolated. The mast on the top is for telecommunications, so the emergency services are somewhat available there, which is not true for many other locations in the area.

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