Rieleros de Aguascalientes

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For the norteño band, see Los Rieleros del Norte.
Rieleros de Aguascalientes
Rieleros aguascalientes 2012-.jpg RielerosCapLogo.png
Team logo Cap insignia
League Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (Zona Norte)
Location Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
Ballpark Parque Alberto Romo Chávez
Year founded 1975
League championships 1978
Division championships 1978, 2012
Former name(s) Rieleros de Aguascalientes
Colors Navy Blue, White, Yellow
Ownership Constructora Maiz Mier
Manager Homar Rojas
General Manager Edgar Ramirez
Website www.rielerosags.com

Rieleros de Aguascalientes (English: Aguascalientes Railroaders) is the baseball team of Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico.


Baseball arrived in Aguascalientes in hand with the railway at the beginning of the century, the first Americans who came to work in the Mexican Central Railroad, had no entertainment and fun, this is how a sunny day in March 1902, a group of Mexican and American railroad workers, decided to hold a baseball game, formed two teams they named Aguascalientes Mexican and American Railways, respectively, this is the first baseball game in the state, the meeting took place on land located within of the railway workshops, - the place that had been improvised as a baseball field, the match result there is no memory, and recalled the birth of the king of sports in Aguascalientes, Professor Miguel Angel Corral (RIP). The few resources to have a place for the practice of "baseball" - as he was the Anglo-Saxons, and the constant cravings from Sunday to Sunday to hear the classic song "playball" initiative led to the engineers and workers, and passionate King in sport, decide dig in an area of the colony Ferronales - ironically located where at the time was the Training Center and is now the School of Football, the site where huge leafy trees, as if were to indicate that there are the roots of baseball in the state, which had several mountains, leveled the site with shovels, clubs they later would become the bats, the liner cleared the train cars and the skin of the same, the saddlers workers were given the shape of the first gloves, old rags are spherical shaped balls to have primitives. "Baseball was beginning to generate interest in the aquicalitense population is born in 1903 and the ninth Boilermakers 1903, founded by Antiochus Ramirez, a team that became the pride of the provincial Aguascalientes, then talk about baseball was synonymous with Boilermakers ". He claimed more than some hot talk on the ball, the late and great sportswriter, John Esparza Rodriguez added, "Before the end of the decade, we built the first baseball park called" Grove ". which was located in the eastern part of the wall of defunct railway workshops, within the same colony Ferronales, this park had more space and flat land, in addition to the field with regulatory measures to practice King, becoming the point of living on the weekends, where entire families gathered Aguascalientes, whose chair and umbrella enjoyed the emotions that provided the ninth of the time, as the newly formed National of Mexico and the consolidated Boilermakers 1903. A decade later, the superintendent of railroads in the state, Luis Pimentel gave fame to Mexico's National Team to take to compete in various parts of the republic; From that moment comes the desire to form a league and it's like to late 20 'and early 30', comes the first league in the state, the date is not known precisely but was founded by railroad workers who built also the first complex of three camps that were located in prairie what is now the Labour Colony and Ferronales, which the King took momentum in the state. As the years passed, Jose Morales Vargas, was the character who promoted the construction of a new scenario, "Labor Park", located where it is now 8 of IMSS Clinic, The construction was undertaken by the government and the railways, the structure the park as well as the stands were made of wood, it was precisely in this diamond in which they took their first hits, the professionals of the entity Tirso de Anda and Alberto Romo Chávez, who stood over a hundred players. Quoting Don J. Bonilla Cruz Mendez, who after attending a convention in Torreón Mexican Baseball, sharing seat on the bus back to our Agüitas, talking about the origins of the King in the state told me: "It was in the" Parque Obrero "where first professional team played in the state, in 1943, Mexico held an exhibition game against a local selection, which was attended among others Antonio "Tweety" Aguilar, "Chilango" Quintana, Salvador Carrillo and Bernardo Carrara "; I well remember his face, with that passion when speaking of baseball, his conversation interesting and flowing, feeling the breeze which refers to the desire of those years with his anecdotes beisboleras enriqueciendome added, "By this time the king of sports was consolidated in the state, had facilities and fields for practice, recognized the state as an entity 100% baseball, the fields were heaped prairie hundreds of fans, people know most of the players prairie. " On June 24, 1945, the "Park Worker", the local baseball cathedral caught fire, prompting the search for another site gift stellar play matches, the search was fruitless so they decided to continue in this park, only you install a blanketed and chairs for fans attending to watch the hot ball. Aguascalientes ingesó the Central League in 1946 having as Park Worker house on 20 April of that year opened the Park Aguascalientes - where now where Alberto Romo Chávez Park - in the season 46's, Las Tunas San Luis Potosí, LMB team goes through financial problems and decided to make our city a few games of the regular season at home, choosing the Aguascalientes Park as their home, both the novenas of the Central Toronto and have great response potosinos of the fans, by that time, the King highlighted in Aguascalientes excellent players involved in the different leagues of professional baseball among them Alberto Romo Chávez, Francisco "Pancho" Romo, Salvador Prado. This is how our state has distinguished itself as a place baseball, professional baseball debut with the team in the now defunct Central League, participated in the campaigns of 1946–47 and 1951–52; The following year, due to the high quality of players and the support of the fans hidrocálida, it was decided to have founded the ninth strong and competitive Central League, the eve of the Mexican League, so that from 1953 to 1974, competing in this circuit.

Arrival of Rieleros to the Mexican League[edit]

In 1975 dream finally comes true, have the best ball at home in Aguascalientes is realized, so that under the initiative tireless Raul Medina Reyes - Father of the current president of Rieleros - in partnership with Don Pedro Barbosa and another group enthusiastic local entrepreneurs over the King of sports equipment acquired Eagle Veracruz to Don Pablo Machado, well knowing the great success that had the hot ball in the state and the region, decided to offer shares to ten thousand dollars of those years Baseball fans in Aguascalientes, this was achieved with raising funds to finance campaign Rieleros set, the second step was to conduct a survey to name the team, due to the large participation of people, names finalists the baseball team were novel of Rieleros and Roosters second and third position the Ring. Without the right decision for choosing Rieleros fans, as I mentioned in the review above lines, baseball in the state is linked with the development of railways as well as in all these years, it has become a true team roots among the Aguascalientes.

Tenth Avenue Aguascalientes a team with tradition will live its third stage in this circuit in the 2012 season will also be its thirtieth season in the Mexican League baseball, his reaparcición was from November 11 last year, when managers of the different clubs approved the circuit of the machine income ingot during Organized Baseball Convention held in Dallas, Texas; In this way, was made official the return of the hot ball to our state, local ninth takes the place of the Dorados de Chihuahua.

Since 1975 they have made their debut as José Ortiz presiedente Benavides, plus Medina Raul Reyes and Pedro Barbosa came to our city, to form the team representing the region of Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes Tenth Avenue, our Rieleros, and under the direction of Ronnie Camacho as conductor of the machine began to write ingot of gold lines on our Mexican baseball, in the heart of the local fans and the rest of the population of Aguascalientes.

In 2008, the Rieleros de Aguascalientes were transferred to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and were renamed the Tecolotes de Nuevo Laredo.

The Rieleros were reinstated to the Mexican League on November 7, 2011.


Rieleros de Aguascalientes roster
Players Coaches/Other


  •  4 Gabe Aguilar
  • 31 Marco Compoy
  •  6 Carlos Chavez
  • 36 Francisco Del Rosario
  • 17 Daniel Diaz †
  • 58 Yohan Flande
  • 10 Demetrio Gutierrez
  • 26 Fernando Irazoqui
  • 89 Jose Lopez Cruz
  • 33 Roy Merritt
  • 61 Francisco Moreno
  • 54 Jorge Quinones
  • -- Marco Reyes ∞
  • 69 Roby Romero
  • 51 Edwin Salas
  • -- Mitch Talbot
  • 44 Emmanuel Torres
  • 77 Guillermo Trujillo
  • 46 José Valverde
  • 34 Ernesto Zaragoza


  • 38 Carlos Rodriguez
  • 40 Leonardo Rodriguez


  • 18 Arel Campoy
  • 53 Jesus Castillo
  • 60 Julian Castro
  • 22 Aldo Flores
  • 55 Diory Hernández
  • 56 J. C. Linares
  •  3 Richy Pedroza
  • 13 Jose Vargas


Designated hitters

  •  5 Saul Soto



Injury icon 2.svg 7-day disabled list

# Rehab assignment
∞ Reserve list
‡ Restricted list
§ Suspended list
† Temporary inactive list
Roster updated April 18, 2017
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