Rien que les heures

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Rien que les heures
Directed by Alberto Cavalcanti
Starring Philippe Hériat
Blanche Bernis
Nina Chousvalowa
Clifford McLaglen
Release date
  • 1926 (1926)
Running time
45 min.
Country France
Language Silent film
French intertitles

Rien que les heures (English: Nothing But Time or Nothing But the Hours) is a 1926 experimental silent film by Brazilian director Alberto Cavalcanti showing the life of Paris through one day in 45 minutes. Cavalcanti made a similar film about Berlin the next year.

Other noted examples of the genre include Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand's Manhatta (1921), Walter Ruttmann's Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis (1927), Andre Sauvage's Etudes sur Paris (1928), and Dziga Vertov's Man With a Movie Camera (1929)

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