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The Rienz river, near St. Lorenzen
Country Italy
Physical characteristics
Main source Sexten Dolomites
2,180 m (7,150 ft)
Length approx. 80 km (50 mi)

The Rienz (German pronunciation: [ˈriˑɛnts]; Italian: Rienza [ˈrjentsa]) is a river in South Tyrol, Italy. Its source is located at 2,180 m of altitude, in the Dolomites mountains, south of Toblach: near Toblach it enters in the Puster Valley, and, after 90 km (56 mi), it meets the Eisack river in the city of Brixen, at 550 m of altitude.

The Rienz flows through the following municipalities (source to mouth): Toblach, Niederdorf, Welsberg-Taisten, Olang, Rasen-Antholz, Bruneck, St. Lorenzen, Kiens, Vintl, Mühlbach, Rodeneck and Brixen.

The most significant affluents are:

The maximum discharge of the Rienz is around 60 m³/s.


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Coordinates: 46°38′03″N 12°17′55″E / 46.63417°N 12.29861°E / 46.63417; 12.29861