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Delite Black
Riese und Müller Birdy with Mark 2 frame

Riese and Müller is a bicycle firm in Darmstadt, Germany founded by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller. It designs and makes suspended bicycles. Frames are produced by companies such as Pacific Cycles, Taiwan. Bikes sold in Australia, Japan and the USA are built in and shipped from Taiwan.

Riese and Müller was founded in 1993 to sell Hot Ears, earmuffs to keep the ears warm while wearing a helmet. The first bicycle, the folding bicycle known as the Birdy, started in the garage of Heiko Müller's parents as a university project. As of 2004 Riese and Müller had a revenue of €6.5 million a year. In 2006 it started selling Zwei bike bags.[1] Other models produced by Riese and Müller are:

  • Birdy (a folding bike with 18" wheels)
  • Frog bicycle (a folder with 12" wheels, discontinued for years but available with 16" wheels as of 2010)
  • Avenue
  • Culture
  • Equinox (discontinued)
  • Gemini (discontinued)
  • Homage (since November 2005)
  • Intercontinenta
  • e-bikes Delite, Charger, Nevo, Swing, & Tinker

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