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Ries Crater Museum
Rieskrater Museum
Rieskrater Museum is located in Germany
Rieskrater Museum
Location within Germany
LocationEugene Shoemaker-Platz 1, 86720 Nördlingen, Germany
Coordinates48°51′14″N 10°29′13″E / 48.853943°N 10.486919°E / 48.853943; 10.486919Coordinates: 48°51′14″N 10°29′13″E / 48.853943°N 10.486919°E / 48.853943; 10.486919
TypeGeological museum
DirectorProf. Dr. Stefan Hölzl[1]

The Rieskrater Museum, sometimes known in English as the Ries Crater Museum, focuses on meteors and their collisions with Earth. The museum is housed in a 16th-century barn in Nördlingen, Germany which was part of the medieval city's center.[2] The area (Nördlinger Ries) is the location of a meteor's impact with Earth c. 15 million years ago and it might have been a double impact (Steinheim crater is nearby).[3][4] It has been recognized as such since the early 1960s.[2]

The museum's collection includes a genuine moon rock from Apollo 16 on loan from NASA in return for using the Nördlingen crater for training the Apollo 14 astronauts due to its similarities to a moon crater.[5][6][7]

The museum is affiliated with the nearby Geopark Ries (UNESCO - International Network of Geoparks), whose mission is to protect the crater.

The museum opened in May 1990 and received its millionth visitor on 15 December 2012.[1][2]

Further reading[edit]

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