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Herbst am Riessersee.jpeg
Location Bavaria
Coordinates 47°28′39″N 11°4′48″E / 47.47750°N 11.08000°E / 47.47750; 11.08000Coordinates: 47°28′39″N 11°4′48″E / 47.47750°N 11.08000°E / 47.47750; 11.08000
Basin countries Germany

Riessersee is a German lake located in southwest Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The lake itself hosted the speed skating events and 10 of the 37 ice hockey games for the 1936 Winter Olympics.[1] Adjacent to the lake, the bobsleigh events took place.[1]

Bobsleigh track[edit]

Originally constructed in 1910, the track was renovated in 1933 and was 1,525 m (5,003 ft) long.[1] Costing RM 155,000 to complete, the track was used for the 1936 Games.[2] Having seven different seating locations, the track could seat 17,940 and the events were sold out during competition.[2] The track was demolished in 1966.[1] Remnants of the track can be seen on sleigh rides near the lake.[3]

Physical statistics[2]
Sport Length (meters) Turns Vertical drop (start to finish) Average grade (%)
Bobsleigh 1525 17 129.43 8.49

No turn names are given for the track.

Besides the 1936 Winter Games, it also hosted the FIBT World Championships in 1934 (four-man), 1938 (four-man), 1953, and 1962.[4]